The Next free "Conscious Conversation" Class on Zoom is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14, from 6:00-7:30 pm PST
Email me at for the zoom link.

I will be sharing new work with the Council of Light and topics will include ways to find balance within our turbulent environment.
A shift of perspective makes all the difference.

Update: New work is in process. A new live workshop titled Love is the Beacon will be presented June 25, 2022 at Center for Spiritual Living, Tacoma, WA. (Go to CSLTACOMA.ORG to register and for more information.) This is based upon soon to be published work titled Living in the Key of Love; Love's Letters to Humanity About Transforming in a Transforming World. There is so much to share during this time of global turbulance and inner opportunity for aligning with our divine nature in a real way.

Love is the Beacon Workshop 1 Topic: Invitation and Conscious Access to Now, Saturday, June 25, 9:00-12:30
Love is the Beacon Workshop 2 Topic: Frequency and Expanding Conscious Awareness, Saturday, August 20, 9:00-12:30
Love is the Beacon Workshop 3 Topic: Sacred Light of I AM and Sovereignty, Saturday, September 17, 9:00-12:30

I am taking a medical break for a few weeks starting May 2nd. Rest assured you are in my thoughts and prayers. When I return I will publish the next date for a Conscious Conversation. 
From Love Always,

When: To be scheduled.

Register: Email me at and I will send you the zoom link.

Cost: Complimentary

Intention: The Intention of this opportunity is to make available the wisdom of In Service to Love and the expanding work that is present Now from the Council of Light and from Love itself.

Your sense of disconnection from what you thought you knew, from your past, is a sign of expanding awareness that positions you in a space of immaculate presence. Rather than reach into what you know, become curious about what is now available. If you place effort into doing more of what you have always done, you experience difficulties because you move out of the alignment with your own inner knowng that will always inform you in a way that is the most authentic, flowing and potent.    

Who would you be being if you realized you were living a time of renaissance? It is clear the time we are in requires a new way of being. Reaching into the past of habit, comfort and "normal" is not enough. We, as Source in form are being invited to step into our greatest expression. Understand this is not somethng that is outside of you, it is already who you are. With new perspectives offered, you are invited through your own resonant knowing to look for the more that already exists within. The new paradigm offers access your greatest innovative capacity. Discovery beyond perceived barriers is supported.

A Conscious Conversation

Group, Community and One-on-One Opportunities!

Recently, I received another invitation by the Council of Light. The intention of this invitation was to create an opportunity for In Service to Love, and the Council of Light to meet a larger audience. The title of this is  “A Conscious Conversation.” This is designed to provide access to the material and principles that are foundational to the work of In Service to Love. Because this work only occurs in the Now moment, new work will be arriving as well. The request was for this opportunity to be made available through Group, Community, and Individual avenues. 

As you request additional information you will also be receiving an e-book that is in the works right now titled, “Learn to Dance the Ladder of Frequency.”

Thank you for your interest in In Service to Love. I see the gift that you are.

From Love,

The Purpose of a Conscious Conversation

A way to bring to life the concepts and foundational principles presented within In Service to Love, directing each participant to discoveries on their own unique path of consciousness, transformation, and enlightenment. In the process, a community of high frequency support for authentic soul-full expression is created. 

Group experience: For those that resonate with the material of In Service to Love and would like to hear more about living the principles of consciousness, transformation and enlightenment in a way that makes a difference, this is for you. Through regular group zoom meetings or calls a variety of topics will be addressed. For example: Foundational Principles of In Service to Love include: Creating Presence in the Now Moment, Return to your Center, Learn to Dance the Ladder of Frequency, Utilize Horizontal and Vertical Consciousness, Innovation and Creation, How to Find your Own Original Thought, Receiving the Light of Love, Multidimensional Awareness, just to name a few.

Community: The development of community has been increasingly prevalent in my writing with the Council of Light. It has become clear there are no boundaries not only to our divine nature, but to our connection within the global family of humanity.  During last month's Conscious Conversation the community was titled, The Community of WE. When each one of us reach a space where we hold the light of our own divine nature, we Become. As each one of us brings our divine nature to our human experience, we support the same for All. The Community of WE occurs as we claim our own divine nature and hold space for others to do the same as they are internally guided to do so. The transformative power of Love's light brings peace, compassion, and wisdom of the highest expression that supports All. As we support each other in daring our greatness, we contribute to the presence of Love not only for our local community but globally. This is not an exclusive club, but an inclusive community, each claiming the light of their own divine expression and holding the expansive space for Love's expression.

A One-on-One Conscious Conversation with Darlene Green and the Council of Light. This is a conversation that is unique to you. Created only in the Now moment, you are met by high frequency presence and invited to a higher perspective. With the guidance of Darlene and the Council of Light you find your next steps in your perfect process. Experienced through recorded zoom video or call.

If you are interested in participating in A Conscious Conversation with Darlene Green, or to get information about One-on-One mentoring please use the form below to get more information. Thank you.

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