Announcing: A Conscious Conversation

Group, Community and One-on-One Opportunities!

A few days ago, I received another invitation by the Council of Light. The intention of this invitation was to create an opportunity for In Service to Love, and the Council of Light to meet a larger audience. The title of this is to be “A Conscious Conversation.” This is designed to provide access to the material and principles that are foundational to the work of In Service to Love. Because this work only occurs in the Now moment, new work will be arriving as well. The request was for this opportunity to be made available through Group, Community, and Individual avenues. 

As you request additional information you will also be receiving an e-book that is in the works right now titled, “Learn to Dance the Ladder of Frequency.”

Bonus: In Service to Love Book 3: Love Now is in final editing. When Book 3 is available for publishing, I will draw three names from my mailing list and send a signed copy of Book 3: Love Now. (To be mailed within the continental USA)

Thank you for your interest in In Service to Love. I see the gift that you are.

From Love,

The Purpose of a Conscious Conversation

A way to bring to life the concepts and foundational principles presented within In Service to Love, directing each participant to discoveries on their own unique path of consciousness, transformation, and enlightenment. In the process, a community of high frequency support for authentic soul-full expression is created. 

Group experience: For those that resonate with the material of In Service to Love and would like to hear more about living the principles of consciousness, transformation and enlightenment in a way that makes a difference, this is for you. Through bi-weekly group zoom meetings or calls a variety of topics will be addressed. For example: Foundational Principles of In Service to Love include: Creating Presence in the Now Moment, Return to your Center, Learn to Dance the Ladder of Frequency, Utilize Horizontal and Vertical Consciousness, Innovation and Creation, How to Find your Own Original Thought, Receiving the Light of Love, Multidimensional Awareness, just to name a few.

Community: I will create a community Facebook group for those that have read In Service to Love and would like support through connection. The intention is to create a community where conscious living is fostered. As we support each other in daring our greatness, we contribute to the presence of Love not only for our local community but globally.

A One-on-One Conscious Conversation with Darlene Green and the Council of Light. This is a conversation that is unique to you. Created only in the Now moment, you are met by high frequency presence and invited to a higher perspective. With the guidance of Darlene and the Council of Light you find your next steps in your perfect process. Experienced through recorded zoom video or call.

If you are interested in participating in A Conscious Conversation with Darlene Green, please use the form below to get more information. Thank you.

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