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Love is the Beacon is a workshop created to share the gift of pivotal concepts revealed through the extraordinary collaboration between the Ascended Masters of the Council of Light, and Darlene Green. This is an uncommon conversation in support of you experiencing the alignment of your human nature and your divine nature in a new way that expresses the dynamic synergy of your wholeness. 

The evolutionary doors have opened to a new era.  Just as you move naturally from one phase of life to another, from one season to another, you already hold everything you need. However a greater perspective is not available as you look to the past. A new vision is accessed only by looking where you have not looked before. 

Love is the Beacon offers concepts, perspectives, exercises, and meditations to support your clarity, and access to your divine voice in a new way. When you access your divine essence, your I AM Self becomes the primary perspective and guidance in how you live the rich tapestry of your life. The invitation is for you to take a new look at claiming your own wholeness. Consider claiming your mastery. Consider claiming the wisdom of your I AM Self. It is already who you are. So, when the limitations of your personality's perception are lifted, what becomes available is the perspective of your divine nature. Wholeness is not an end to the game; it is just the beginning.

What has this body of work be unique is the Source from which it was created. The body of work from this divine collaboration is original, high frequency and multidimensional. Darlene, as first student of this work under the direct guidance of the Council of Light has lived each message and concept.  

"The perspective shifts that are each lovingly offered for consideration, are gamechangers. With over 40-years on my spiritual journey, I have not seen enlightenment, consciousness, and wholeness presented this way. This makes so much sense and is so deeply resonant. The work presents content that my humanity can consider, while my divine nature pulls me toward full expression of I AM. It is the unnamed "something" that my soul had been yearning for always. " Darlene Green

As participant in Love is the Beacon, you will feel the palpable presence of the voice of Love itself as you are also invited to look newly, and consider taking your place at the table. Enlightenment is no longer a philosophy, hope or dream. Enlightenment is a platform from which to live from your most authentic and potent expression. This is original work that reaches into the leading edge of the evolutionary wave to access what had been previously unavailable. 

"This journey invites you to be within an inquiry. Lean into the realm at the edge of what you know and what you do not yet know. Understand the realm you seek is and always has been within you. As you claim your totality, your I AM Self becomes the North Star in your life, consciously. Creating your life becomes guided by the divine, you follow your soul's direction, you feel whole, complete and more of your Self. This is not a process that reaches beyond you and asks you to be something other than who you already are authentically. This is a guided process that invites you to hold a new perspective, to look where you have not looked before. This process invites you to align with your greatest authentic expression and take your place at the table. Many of you have already felt the invitation, felt the hands outstretched in Love; "Beloved, see yourself as we see you. Claim your magnificence."

The Council of Light

Love is the Beacon is presented in six sections:
One: The Invitation
Pivotal Concepts are offered for consideration, setting the stage for a new view of wholeness.

Two: Conscious Access to Now
Now is the golden key to access your divine nature. "Now is a gateway. Now is a high frequency location that is ot burdened by how you think life should be." You will learn how to access Now beyond conditions.

Three:  Frequency
The foundational concept behind consciousness, reality, and how you create. You will learn how to "dance the ladder of frequency."

Four: Conscious Integration of Divine Light
You do this already, mostly unconsciously. This is where your awareness will be more finely tuned to the rich communication of your I AM Self. You will learn the language of your soul's symphony.

Five: The Sacred Light of Your I AM
Your I AM Self has always been at the helm of your life, whispering and guiding. When the discordant notes of your human nature's perspective are softened, the divine light of your I AM Self shines. You emanate the authentic light of Love and your presence, undampened, transforms. 

Six: Sovereignty
When the weight of the limited viewpoint of your human nature is lifted, the light of your divine nature, ever-present, shines. You are returned to the state of wholeness and the sense of "home" you recognize, and have yearned for. You are free to live from the elevated sacred perspective of your divine nature and create at a high frequency. You become Love, illuminating the exquisite gifts and contributions that only you can. You hear the voice of God and live your soul's opus.

Love is the Beacon: Venues and Dates

~More locations and dates are currently being scheduled for local workshops in Western Washington. 
~A 90-day zoom program with one-on-one support is being developed.
~Online workshop is coming.
~Look for a retreat in Sedona, Arizona at the Creative Life Center, the weekend of October 21 and 22, 2023.



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