Darlene Green

Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment

                 That Meets the Moment Now


Darlene Green

“The sense of mission has been the background of my life.” Highly sensitive, an empath, healer, teacher Darlene has pursued work and studies that would delve deeper into the extraordinary expression that has always beckoned her into the discovery of the sacred in life.

Aware of the presence of her "Council" at age 4, profound experiences throughout her life have woven a tapestry revealing her soul's purpose and intention. Darlene's journey of spiritual discovery has led her to remember her ancient soul heritage as Scribe with a visit to sacred sites in Southern France in 2015. 

Profound spiritual events of Dec. 26, 2017 signaled a new expression. Darlene was invited into collaboration with the Masters that comprise the Council of Light, and the body of work that is In Service to Love began.
What has been a personal journey of enlightenment now serves a larger purpose that supports and activates the unique path of enlightenment for those that seek connection with their own divine nature.

This work answers the question, “What becomes possible when we live from our soul’s vision?” 

Perfectly timed to our time of global transformation, In Service to Love is a high frequency experience that is the bridge from living as a human being having a spiritual experience to living life as a spiritual being having a human experience. And the work doesn't stop here. Enlightenment is not a destination. Enlightenment is a platform for the next expression.