Darlene Green

Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment

                 That Meets the Moment Now

A New Era is Born; A New Platform for Living


Do you see that the mechanics of transformation, of evolutionary movement opens doors never-before imagined? The magnitude of the shift is challenging to conceive of. The stepping-stones of possibility are available as you stand in the stillness of Now and have wiped the slate clean of the beliefs, hard feelings, grudges, judgments, victories, pain, and work of the past. The experience is one of a NEW life. Your current awareness is littered with the roadblocks of a time-gone-by. Consider the possibility of a clean slate. ….. And then what?

Interesting that you cannot think yourself into this new space. But you may set the intentions to allow subconscious limitations to come to your awareness so you may release them and live within the openness of a blank canvas.

The phenomenon that becomes the point you may live within is one of your direct connection with your I AM self. Not as a nice philosophy, like enlightenment or as a religion that soothes your soul, but as a divine font that bathes you in light every moment. Do you see this new space does not allow the burden of your pain? Your pain has been your reason to limit your field of possibility and is now the ever-shrinking cage limiting your vitality. As humanity moves to the drumbeat of evolution, new spaces become available upon the landscape of your awareness.

There have been those life altering moments you have experienced that have been so dramatic or profound that life could never be the same. Moments, of personal loss, collective loss, and even of victory, and birth have been written upon the walls of your akash leaving trails that infuse the perception of what is possible.

The invitation before you now, is one of aligning in a new way with your I AM self, integrating your human experience and your divine essence, being fully conscious as you BECOME, standing in the light of your divine truth, emanating the Love and presence that is you, and only you. Undiminished by the past and by your perceptions of what may be. Barriers and blocks that have stopped you in the past vanish before you as the morning mist meets the light of the sun. 

Beloved, this is more than invitation. This is the welcome to the arrival at the shore of your new world. Not to be confused with looking for signs that others have arrived as well. You no longer need the reflection of an outer reality.  You create potently from the divine light of your I AM Self. Now is the time to still; to become curious about your new surroundings. Rather than filling the space with what you already know, remember you are an explorer in the realms of light. Become curious about what else may be possible.  Become adept at listening with a new clarity for the depth and breadth of your soul.