Darlene Green

Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment

                 That Meets the Moment Now

Closer than You Think

Your enlightenment is not a far off ideal. Who you are at your most authentic expression is fully enlightened. If you choose to approach your life from the perspective of your own divine wisdom, you are closer than you think. There is no struggle needed. Pain is not a given in this process. As you consider releasing the thoughts that bind you from the past and the future you have space to explore what is available Now.

Look at the events in your world right now. Rather than being overwhelmed by the tide of transformation, look inward. As you stand in the space of your own divine nature you may claim all that is yours and live unencumbered. The issues of the collective consciousness reflect individual realities. Pay attention to what occurs in your inner world.

As you heal yourself, you contribute to healing the world. To that end ask yourself; Where are you separate? Where do you judge? What part of you do you discriminate against? What part of you has no voice? What part of you can’t breathe? Where do you give up on what is most important to you?

The voice of God is available to all. When it is placed into the category of imagination and discredited, the words fall upon silence.