Darlene Green

Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment

                 That Meets the Moment Now

Finding You


With each new discovery through the stages of living your life, there is the hope that “this” is the missing piece. Attention moves externally to find the something that fills the gap that yearns for wholeness. Elusive, connection is sought through other avenues that temporarily release inner pain.

It is not until the mirror is turned toward your own reflection that there is even hope of filling the existential “missing.” The pain of separation is personal. It lives as the something to be discovered that will fill the well of being. Much of the pain on planet Earth reflects this deep eternal yearning. The source of the pain is commensurate with the distance travelled away from Self. As you live your life away from the central core of your being, like being in the parched sands of the desert, your thirst may not be quenched.

You may find your Self as you turn inward and seek your own counsel. Learn the language of your soul. Rise above the din of the collective consciousness and external distraction. Realize your greatest pain may be filled by the divine light of you. As you begin to fill your moments with the unspeakable beauty of you, you see the beauty that has surrounded you always. No longer alone, you are connected to All. This is what becomes available through the journey of your own enlightenment. You see who you have always been and not only that you have never been alone, you may never be alone.

Enlightenment has been held on the top shelf of humanity, away from the view of most. We endeavor to show you how the process of enlightenment leads you to your wholeness. Enlightened is already who you are. You are a divine being charading as less than. Who you are is Source extended into form. Hear the clarion call for your return to you.

Expect full enlightenment so that your own perfect mission of Love is made manifest. That is why you have called us to you now. To remind you of how to find your Self.