Darlene Green

Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment

                 That Meets the Moment Now

Love Has Already Chosen You

Enlightenment is not just one moment or a lifelong intention. It is a revealing of truth that occurs in a series of moments. Most people do not set out to become enlightened. People, as Source in form experience life and are guided by their inner knowing to new levels of awareness. Enlightenment is an inner process whereby you, as Source in form are inwardly invited to look at life from new perspectives.

When you gain new awareness and then look back at your life, don’t you then see, that awareness has been there all the time? It is an eternal truth of you. The weight of physical expression clouds truth within the density of collective consciousness. Enlightenment is an invitation to see something new. Your humanity is only half of your story. You as a divine expression of Love already hold all you need. Enlightenment may be viewed as the integration of your human nature with your divine nature. Consider enlightenment is you, expressing your wholeness, available while you are in the material form. Your journey is unique to you. You are cherished. We invite you to step into the knowing of your magnificence.

Consider we, as the divine, angelic realms, the realms of Masters are here solely for connection. We hold the mirror so you may see your own divine nature. Before you may engage your own divine nature consciously you must first acknowledge your own worth.

Spirituality is often seen from the perspective of separation and as there is something to be attained. This sets you up in a chasing the carrot scenario where you never quite get there. Instead, consider who you already ARE is Source in form. Beyond a nice platitude, what does that mean? There are no barriers. Our efforts together are about living the reality of being a spiritual being having a human experience.

Merely touching the divine realms is not the end game. It is the beginning. What if you truly realized who you are? What if you remembered the deepest yearnings of your soul and your purpose for this life? Then what becomes possible?

You already ARE Love. You came here for the journey. You came here for the soul growth and to be the greatest contribution to humanity, the planet and beyond. Through your own extraordinary, sacred and profound moments your soul speaks. Rather than stopping at each exquisite moment, consider the moment is a door to more of you. When you see angels or Masters, allow them to reflect your own divine nature to you. Rather than looking for answers your mind will understand, just BE, lean into the realm of what you do not know and release what you already know. Fine tune your awareness to hear the exquisite messages present in each moment.

You are invited to take your place at the table. You have your own Council of Light, some members you already are familiar with. We extend the invitation for you to experience your own wholeness. Who you are is Love, extended into form. Enlightenment is living that as a reality. Like a hand in a glove, your physical presence is only a small part of you. Your ownership of the rest of you is what you seek. Your search is not beyond you. Your search for Love is not in vain. The Love you seek is the reflection of your own perfection. Love is an inner journey with external reflections. Claim your own expression of Love. You see, Love has already chosen you.

The Council of Light