Darlene Green

Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment

                 That Meets the Moment Now

Navigating the Path Forward to a New Paradigm


When the familiar experiences of life are no longer available, what do you do? More importantly, who do you BE? This is not just a question that relates to the external and global experience, this refers to your inner journey, because the perspective you hold for your inner awareness determines your reality.  

We are in new territory as global citizens. This is not a time of business as usual. We are in the midst of a turning of the tide that asks us to show up in life in a new way. Consider there is an opening that occurs within the shift we are witnessing where the future is not yet limited by definition. As we inhale and then exhale, there exists the moment between that is neither. I believe this is the time we are living now.; a time where the handrails of the past are no longer sufficient to fit the current moment. Within transformation is an opening for something new to be birthed. I see this as the moment of the Phoenix where possibility is not limited by, but contributed to, by the past. The vanishing era now becomes the fuel for a new creation; and the bedrock upon which to build from possibility.

What I offer in this conversation about navigating the path forward is not strategy, nor a to-do-list. What I offer you is an invitation to look at the events of your life in a new way. A new larger perspective allows space for the new realm of possibility yet unseen to show up. Consider if you expect to build your life out of the comfort and familiar memories of the past, you miss the mark. A new perspective is available now that holds possibility and lays claim to your own inner new paradigm where you may live from the notes of your soul’s opus. The alchemical quality of the fires of transformation forge a new expression. This is the natural movement of evolution as one era gives way to the next. Consider how you navigate your inner transformation, and you will find more clarity with navigating the external shifts.

Navigating the path forward implies you have evolved from the place you were occupying previously, and that you are moving toward a new space, yet to be discovered. The perspective you hold is potent and creative. Are you willing to release a limited viewpoint in order to see your own brilliance in a new way? Rather than becoming victimized by the process of transformation, you may also choose to move powerfully as you birth your greatest contribution. This means being thoughtful and conscious in your choices.

Here are a few concepts that may contribute to creating a new and more potent perspective from which to create:

1. Release the past with Love, appreciation, and grace.

It is human nature to lean into the past to create the future. The pain of the past shrouds the light of possibility as you continue looking behind you to create in your current moments. Consider coming into this new paradigm unburdened. The past has already contributed to you. Your power, potency and clarity is found only in the current moment. Each time you choose to no longer react or have your thoughts dwell in the past you gain a solid footing in the present moment. Intend to create your future from the wisdom of your essential Self. Conscious thought and choices made from the present moment will lead you on a clear path where your natural joy and experience of Love prevails.

No longer burdened by the past, become comfortable within the realm of the unknown so you may see into the field of possibility from the Now moment. When you are no longer tethered to the past or worried about the future you are free. Trust your own process.

2. Align with your own divine nature as you become inner referenced.

Who you are is Source in form. You already have access to the clarity and wisdom of your divine nature. What could be possible as you embrace your most expansive expression? What if you were able to align with the stillness of your I AM presence and allow the light and Love of your most authentic nature to envelope the moments of your life? Develop practices that support finding your heart’s vision. The answers and clarity come in more nuanced ways. Fine-tune your awareness to honor your own perfect path.

3. Claim your wholeness.

What if you became aware of yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience? The new North star for your life is your own divine nature; your most authentic and potent expression. Intend, and expect nothing less than your own wholeness manifested. Allow your soul to speak. Each day when you wake up claim your wholeness. Choose to BE Love, choose to be peace, choose to be compassion, choose to be connection, choose to be creation. Choose to discover your essential Self within the Now moment and notice how life occurs. Follow the inner resonance that will illuminate your next steps.

Consider meeting this evolutionary moment sourced by the fire of your own knowing. What becomes possible when you choose to turn inward, become still, and listen newly for your own soul’s symphony? With the old ways no longer available, the invitation is for us to have the courage to claim our wholeness where the clarity, wisdom and innovation of our divine nature is integrated with the beauty of our human nature. As we choose to live from wholeness, we are lifted beyond separation consciousness into the vision of unity consciousness. This is the new paradigm of enlightenment.