Darlene Green

Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment

                 That Meets the Moment Now

Rise Above

You have some days that are great. You have some days that are a challenge. What do you do when you are challenged? Who do you BE, when you have a rough day? Do you retreat, shut down, posture, defend, get loud, attack, control? Do you join the sense of disruption? The swirling energy of disruption or lack of alignment is exaggerated by the chaotic motion of collective consciousness that you reside within. 



Can you be in the chaotic environment and not be of it? Can you allow the disruptive frequency of transformation of consciousness to be beside you and still hold your own unique presence, unhindered?  The picture presented today is one of living in cooperation with disruptive frequencies while you hold your space of wholeness.


Can you realize that you do not need an environment that is still and pristine to BE all of your Self. If you stand back and view the roiling energy of collective consciousness, it feels like an unpredictable storm. Elevate your awareness so you may not only rise above the turmoil around you, you contribute to the well being, peace and expression of Love’s light as you do so. Imagine that the movement around you naturally elevates you. You do not need to separate yourself. In the same way oil rises to the surface in a glass of water, or heat rises to the ceiling, your light will elevate you above the fray within the framework of wholeness. Each element holds its own characteristics. Light expands. As you hold more of your light, you naturally expand. You are no longer within the space of the density of collective consciousness, yet the light you hold contributes to the wellbeing of all.  


There is a subtle distinction here. Rather than pushing away the experience of density, hold the space of your own wholeness. Your light will automatically hold you above the density. Be in the space of density in a new way. As water seeks its own level, light elevates, as a perfect expression of wholeness.