Darlene Green

Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment

                 That Meets the Moment Now

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you realized you were gifted with something so precious, the mandate for the divine gift is releasing it? May sound dramatic, but welcome to my life.

The transformational evolutionary moment we find ourselves within right now asks for more. The lull of normal doesn’t exist anymore. This is a time that is asking us, to show up as the most authentic, heart and soul centered beings that we are. Consider, the time now is why we are here. As we show up authentically, we emanate the light and Love of our essential Self. Love is a high frequency way of being. Love is authentically who we are. Love transforms. Hmm, sounds nice, but stop there for a moment. Have you resigned yourself to play the game of humanity and leave the deepest calling of your soul unheard? Do you live within the exalted moments of meditation and then use that as a balm to soothe the hardships of life? Have you become so adept at sensing and reaching the exquisite beauty of the finest of light frequencies, that the density of being human is painful? I have. Is enlightenment only for “the fool on the hill?” I wondered. I have struggled and had profound experiences as a devout seeker and student of spirituality for over thirty-five years.

I never set out to write a book. The work came to me and asked to be written.

On December 26, 2017, I was met with the most exalted and exquisite events of my life. I was met by the Council of Light and invited into collaboration as scribe and student. The Council of light is primarily comprised of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Melchizadek, Isis, Buddha, the Elohim, Sanat Kumara, Legions of Light, the Great White Brotherhood, Metatron, and many more, with Thoth as patron of the Scribe. The experience of one-year of writing with the Masters has been like sitting under the ancient olive trees as a student yet the message is designed for humanity here and now. Each day, lessons unfold. The frequencies of pure Love permeate each cell of my being returning me to my own divine knowing. The Council of Light never mandates truth. Every message is an invitation for me to consider and to engage my own inner work. Every message is an invitation to live up to who I AM. Each day the mirror is held by the Masters, so I may see my own divine nature.

I have been under the tutelage of the Council of Light and in collaboration with them every day since their initial invitation. I see the timeless, multidimensional nature of this work. This work is not meant to live in platitudes and philosophy. It is designed to bridge our humanity and our divinity, allowing us to live from the perspective of our sacred I AM Self. All areas of life improve as resistance to our most authentic expression is removed. The Council has told me that enlightenment is not something we earn. We already are inextricably connected to our divine truth, with our I AM. So, the work of enlightenment is the releasing of what gets in the way. Enlightenment is a natural evolutionary movement: the integration of the beauty of our humanity and the wisdom of our divine nature.

As the Council of Light has said, “Enlightenment is closer to you than your breath. Beloved, remember who you are.” You can engage this work and experience your own connection with the Masters that comprise the Council of Light as you read the pages. You will feel the Council speaking to you too. You will be met in your most unique expression as the golden thread of Love is woven through the words.

My life has been touched by uncounted events and moments where the brass ring was placed before me and the density of my humanity couldn’t see it. Perhaps my mission may support the clarity of yours. Our world needs the blessing of your gifts and mine.

I have found who I AM. I AM In Service to Love.

What happens after enlightenment? You are invited to find out for yourself.

From Love,