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Reviews of In Service to Love Book 1: Love Remembered

“This fascinating daily journal shows us how to balance our lives and energy and appreciate the relationship to the Divine within us. Anyone interested in their energetic connection to the world around them will find this guide to the universe invaluable.”
Caregiver Warrior 

"This is a book to add to your collection and perhaps purchase extra copies to share with friends and family. Highly recommended to one and all.”
My Shelf

"This book is a beautiful invitation to discover your full and complete self. We know our physical self. But this series of three books will help us rediscover the amazing beings that we really are. I am eagerly looking forward to reading the next two books!”
Linda Justice, librarian

"In Service to Love has a lot to offer during these turbulent times and could provide much-needed comfort, guidance, support, and strength to those who decide to work with the information."
New Spirit Journal

"If you are searching for inspirational, feel-good books, then you may want to try out the series In Service to Love. Through practice exercises such as, daily now, and what happens if you think bigger than you ever have, these books take readers beyond perceived limitations to a new expanded awareness.”
Lori’s Book Loft

"Darlene’s book helped me to stay grounded in the present moment and to reconnect with my own Light. Although not an easy job, the book facilitates this integration process thanks to its structure – the messages are organized in short daily chapters. This way, you can read one chapter a day, or you can read as much as you feel guided too...Go at your own pace and enjoy the multiple meditative exercises that are suggested throughout the book.”
The Wellbeing Blogger

"If we ever needed these books, it would be now, when the very foundations of our lives are being shaken. The person embarking on this spiritual journey will need all three books to create a year of growth.” 
The Cyber Librarian
“In Service to Love: Book 1: Love Remembered offers readers a way to connect with their authentic self and live a more meaningful life and is recommended for anyone honestly looking to create a more positive vibe in their lives.”
SA Examiner

Reviews of In Service to Love Book 2: Love Elevated

"As humans are changing and evolving suddenly, unexpectedly, and at a rapid pace, Darlene Green’s “In Service to Love” books may be considered essential guides to help people who are ready to accept the guidance of “The Council of Light” with Darlene working as their scribe. This is an important book. Please order yours today.” 
My Shelf