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Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment

                 That Meets the Moment Now


Books by Darlene Green

In Service to Love Book 1: Love Remembered
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In Service to Love offers a pathway for shifting your awareness from the de-stabilizing chaos of the external world to the ever-present, potent, multi-dimensional, innovative expression of Love that is your authentic nature. When it is time for you to discover your own purpose and truth, In Service to Love offers a modern day mystery school that elevates your conscious awareness, catalyzing transformation and ultimately enlightenment. Revealed through daily messages, scribed by Darlene Green from the Masters that comprise the Council of Light, you experience your own unique, exquisite process of enlightenment. Each day’s message holds rich frequency. Simple foundational concepts, exercises, meditations, light infusions and activations guide your experience, allowing your own resonance to reveal truth.
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In Service to Love Book 2: Love Elevated

Enlightenment once viewed as unattainable for most, is presented as a natural evolutionary step available now for those that seek living where life is aligned with the wisdom and powerful innovative capacity of our divine nature. With Darlene Green as modern-day scribe, the contemporary guidance of the Masters is relayed through rich messages, concepts, and palpable presence of Love.
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In Service to Love Book 3: Love Now

This is the third book in the In Service to Love series. You sit with Darlene, receiving the daily messages relayed by the Council of Light. In the last 122 days of this one year and one day of frequency rich transmissions you experience the invitation to live your best life Now as you claim the wisdom, clarity, innovative capacity, and peace that is only yours. The perspective shifts, meditations, exercises, and messages offered throughout this body of work invite the reader to engage their own divine nature and live from the voice of their own soul. 

Then, what becomes possible when one is Love Now?

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